Trade Preferences

You can easily access the Trade Preferences section from any page in bidjobber by using the left side menu. Just click on the Control Panel link to drop down the options and click on Trade Preferences.


You can also access the Trade Preferences by clicking on the link on the right side menu while on any of the Control Panel pages.


The first item you will need to check is your Project Type Preferences these are the kinds of projects you work on.


The second step is to check off all trades you perform. You will need to make sure you check all the trades for the different project types. Note: the different project types are color coded for clarity. Commercial categories cover Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Highway / Bridge & Institutional projects. Residential categories cover Single Family and Multi Family. Home Improvement is its own category. You will need to select all the trade categories that you perform to receive project lead notifications for those projects.


The final step is to select the Supplier Category Preferences that match your companies products. This is an optional feature and is available for Pro and Standard members only. You will need to check as may categories as needed to receive requests for material quotes from bidjobber members.


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